Essential Human Capital, Inc.

Essential Human Capital, Inc. is an integrated executive search and executive coaching company. We partner with our clients to recruit, integrate and develop exceptional talent, working closely with them through each stage of the employment cycle.

Recruitment-We identify, assess and recruit the hard-to-attract candidates whose professional experience, personal style and goals enable them to be highly successful within the unique culture of each of our client companies.

EHC has a demonstrable track record of successfully identifying and recruiting candidates for the following functions:

  • General Management
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing/Business Development
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Investment Research

We work with hedge funds, family offices, private equity firms and their portfolio companies, B to Bs and financial technology companies.

Integrating New Hires-During the critical first six months of employment, I provide executive coaching for each candidate we place.  Executive Coaching can assist in ensuring a smoother onboarding process for newly hired employees.  It can help them get off to a faster start, increase the likelihood of sustainable performance and satisfaction, and a longer, more successful tenure with their new employer.  Coaching further enhances the perception of the client company as a special place to work.  Coaching is seen as a progressive and supportive benefit provided by the company, an important component of its suite of employee benefits.

Developing Exceptional Talent-I work with individuals and groups in several different types of settings including: executives in transition; individuals seeking to utilize their skills in a different role or industry; high-performers and high potentials, new hires and promotes moving into new roles. Utilizing our more than thirty years of recruiting and coaching experience, we help teams and individuals develop greater communication skills and teamwork, grow leadership skills and increase job satisfaction.

Transition Coaching-I work with individuals who are interested in moving to a new industry or making a career change. Through coaching, our clients learn to identify their core values, transferable skills and true passions, so that they can enjoy the journey of discovery, growth and change.