Our Process

Search-From the first day of each executive search assignment, the consultants of Essential Human Capital focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations by continually focusing on their needs and systematically executing a time-tested search process that results in the recruitment of candidates who will be successful in the unique culture of the client organization.

With established clients, we utilize our experience and knowledge of the organization and culture to quickly develop a detailed Position Description that details the desired personal and professional qualifications of candidates.  For new clients, at the beginning of each assignment we invest as much time as is needed to gain a deep, nuanced understanding of the organization and culture.  Once the “spec” has been developed, EHC mines its extensive database to develop an initial list of potential candidates and sources for the assignment.  Concurrently, we conduct research into target organizations to identify individuals who may not be in our networks.

Using the Position Description to benchmark potential candidates, the consultants of EHC conduct rigorous phone screens before meeting with potential candidates.  After the face-to-face interview, prior to introducing the candidates to the client, we provide an extensive Candidate Presentation detailing the experience, professional achievements, career impacting decision processes, personal style and areas for further examination.

Our experience has taught us that the most highly desired candidates are invaluable to their incumbent employers, who often attempt to retain their services through aggressive counter offers.  For our clients’ purposes, the best candidates are both highly qualified and have multiple, tangible motives for considering new opportunities.  EHC’s in-depth interview process probes each candidate’s motivations for interviewing, leaving or continuing with their current employer.

We maintain close contact with the client through every step of the process, providing updates and market color through phone calls and written search status updates.  When it becomes appropriate to structure an offer of employment, we assist in negotiations relative to the compensation package and other considerations.  After acceptance of an offer by a candidate, we continue to be involved during the transition period prior to the commencement of employment.  We also maintain regular communication with the client and candidate after s/he begins working for the client company to help ensure a successful on-boarding process.

Coaching-Coaching is, simply stated, a systematic communication system characterized by the coach continually asking open-ended, empowering questions to help the client develop their own answersto questions and challenges.  Coaching is not therapy, counseling or providing advice. Anything that is shared by the client is held in complete confidence.  The agenda for each session is the client’s, not the coach’s.  The coach may address specific personal projects, business successes and challenges, or general conditions in the client’s life and profession.

The coach may assist the client with anything that may be holding them back, such as: communication issues, dealing with stress, fear of rejection, lack of self-esteem, misinterpretations or unrealistic self-expectations.   The coach serves as their confidante, cheerleader and sounding board, providing objective feedback while helping the client develop his/her own skills and solutions to challenges as they arise.  The coach may work with the client in establishing specific goals and hold him/her accountable for taking the necessary steps to achieve their objectives.